(Age 3)

A class designed to introduce different forms of movement in a creative, fun way. Students explore space and rhythm through a variety of play-like excercises and dance steps.

Coordination and confidence are achieved as a result of this instruction.

(Ages 4-5)

This class offers the child a sample of 4 different dance styles. Basic ballet positions and movements are taught. Tap rhythms and steps are introduced. Flexibility and strengthening skills are learned in the jazz and tumbling sections. Fun is a key ingredient in this beginning dance class. Exercise builds confidence and coordination for these young students.

TUMBLING (Ages 6+)
The exciting floor tricks and stunts in gymnastics are taught in this class. After warm-ups and conditioning, the technical movements are introduced. These impressive skills benefit dancers and cheerleaders. Cartwheels, front and back walkovers, roundoffs, front and back handsprings, aerials, and tucks are some of the movements taught.

TAP Levels 1-7
(Ages 6+)

Broadway and rhythm tap styles are taught in our program. Beginning with basic exercises, tap dancing can be enjoyed and appreciated through the adult years. Improving a dancer's musical timing as well as learning interesting patterns and steps are achieved while learning the proper terminology.

HIP HOP (Ages 6+)
The latest street-style movements and steps are taught in this high-energy class. After warm-up and strengthening exercises, popular combinations from current commercial and entertainment industries are taught. Individual style and improvisation are highly encouraged in this class.

BALLET Levels 1-7 (ages 6+)
All dance movements come from the positions and body placement taught in classical ballet. The students learn discipline and respect while improving their grace and coordination. Vocabulary and terminology are taught. Proper technique strengthens and helps to prevent injuries. Ballet provides an excellent foundation and is recommended for all serious dance students.

POINTE (Ages 12+)
Dancing on pointe is offered to our more advanced dancers in their ballet technique class and in a pointe class on Saturdays. A teacher's recommendation is necessary in addition to taking at least two ballet classes per week in our upper levels. Strengthening exercises are taught as well as specific steps. There is no Pointe on Saturdays.

This intense class increases core strength, flexibility, and stamina.  Leaps, turns, and extensions will be the primary focus of this class.

Contemporary jazz and ballet techniques are combined in this creative dance form. The dancer's movements interpret the lyrics and mood of the music and allow for individual expression. It is necessary to be enrolled in a ballet class to study contemporary. The level of the ballet class corresponds to the level of the contemporary class.

JAZZ Levels 1-7 (Ages 6+)
Popular music in a variety of styles accompanies the exercises and movements taught in this class. Building on technical positions, students enjoy gaining strength and flexibility from the warm-ups. Progressions across the floor help the students explore space and build confidence. Choreography learned in combinations showcases the student's talent from modern to Broadway styles.

Tap exclusively for boys will focus on strength, flexibility, coordination, and timing.

Instruction will include speech exercises to improve articulation, improvisation to inspire imagination and creativy, and scene study and monologue preparation when necessary.

Instruction will include learning repertoire from a variety of Broadway Musicals, proper breathing, vocal techniques, and audition preparation.

Ballet, tap and jazz classes are available exclusively for adults.



Technique and a dancer's well being are important at the school. A warmup-barre is taught in every class. Most recital choreography is started in January. The levels 1-7 for technique classes do not necessarily indicate the number of years a student has studied. A new student with previous dance training should sample a class after which the instructor will assess and recommend an appropriate level.


4-Way Sampler
Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and black tap shoes are required. Colored leotards, tutus and dance skirts are discouraged at this level.

Black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes.

Leotard, tights and bare feet.

Any comfortable street clothes and non-slip sneakers or jazz shoes may be worn. No bare legs or feet. No jewelry.

Intro to Dance
Play clothes and sneakers or leotards and ballet shoes are acceptable.

All ages: leotards, tights/unitards/ jazz pants, are acceptable for class. The warm-up may be done in bare feet. Jazz shoes should be worn for floor work.

Leotards and tights are preferred and sweat suits are acceptable. Tap shoes with screw-on taps are recommended.

Leotards and tights or shorts, bare feet.

Ballet students must wear their hair in a bun. Ponytails are acceptable for Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, and Tumbling.